Into My Arms

INTO_MY_ARMS_cov“The kiss ignited something, blew it into being, and afterwards, all Skye could think about was Ben.”

One day a woman meets a man and falls instantly and irrevocably in love with him. It hits her like a thunderbolt, and she has to have him, has to be with him, regardless of the cost, of the pain of breaking up her existing relationship. She has never felt more in synch-or in love-with anyone in her whole life. So this is how it feels, she thinks to herself, this is what real love feels like. It’s like that for him too; he wants her in a way he’s never wanted anything or anyone before: obsessively, passionately, all-consumingly. She has found her one true love, her soulmate, and he has found his.

What happens next will tear them apart and unleash havoc onto their worlds. This brave, brilliant, electrifying novel from the acclaimed author of After the Fall andLast Summer, will move you deeply and shock you to your core. Love, lust and longing have rarely wielded such power, nor family secrets triggered such devastation.

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Reviews of Into My Arms

“I just finished Into My Arms and I can’t recommend it enough. Anyone who has read and enjoyed Caroline Overington’s novels or Jodi Picoult’s will love it. Kylie Ladd engages the reader from the first page to the very last. One of the most interesting and moving books of 2013. This book will get people talking – great for book clubs and reading groups.”

“Get Reading! are thrilled to announce that Into My Arms is the May Book of the Month! This brave, brilliant, electrifying novel from the acclaimed author of After the Fall and Last Summer will move you deeply and shock you to your core. We love it, we were haunted by it, and we are proud to have selected it.”
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Into My Arms is no ordinary book. Sure, it has the makings of a good book – excellent writing, well-rounded characters, a great plot and sub-plot – but this book’s subject matter does not follow any formula. In fact, the subject matter is so far from anything I have ever read – or anything I’d thought I would ever read – that I found reading it to be like reading for the first time: swept up in another all-consuming world… It raised a lot of questions and will stir a lot of debate. I guess that’s all I can say apart from “Read it, it’s brilliant.” A definite recommendation.”
Sarah Ayoub, Chasing Aphrodite